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November 29, 2023
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Convention Wrapup 2009
Updated On: Sep 257, 2011

Members I just wanted to provide a quick and hopefully comprehensive overview of this last weeks WSCFF 70th convention. It was another excellent turnout of delegates from across the state with lots of oppurtunities for our delegates to exchange and share information on the workings of our local and theirs as well. Seemingly we are all facing similiar struggles in our attempts to retain our rights and stay on par with other locals and labor in general. We had IAFF President show up and speak for about an hour, as well as Mr. Nelson from the LEOFF board. MERP was disscussed with great interest with follow-up information being made available on the WSCFF Website. Elections of note saw Ricks from Walla Walla FD take over the reigns of the District 2 Burn Foundation Representative, Scott Brines was re-elected as our District 2 VP, and Dennis Lawson was once again elected to the VP of the WSCFF. Greg Markley was also returned to the position of Sec-Treas by acclimation. The following is a listing of the resolutions that were passed, for more in depth information please see the WSCFF website. As soon as the council computerizes them I will add them to the download section of our website!

09-01 / Adopt the 2009-2010 WSCFF Budget with a per capita of $15.23 / Adopted

09-02 / That the WSCFF formally recognize Local's 1296, 1433, I-24, 3889, Staff of HAMMER, and Extrication team of Puyallup for their support of FIRE OPS 101-2009 / Adopted

09-03 /  That the body of WSCFF 70th Convention stand and recognize the WSCFF Legislative team of Fox, Rojecki and Sizemore for their work in the 2009 legislative session / Adopted

09-04 / Pension Improvements / Withdrawn

09-05 / That the WSCFF pursue the standardization of codes, froms, and other reporting information from both L&I and self-insured employers / Adopted

09-06 / Single Player Healthcare / Withdrawn

09-07 / The WSCFF decline to sign initiative 1033, Referendum 71, and Referendum 72, and oppose these measures should they qualify for the ballott / Adopted

09-08 / The president of the WSCFF will appoint an exploratory committee from the Eboard to research the ability to negotiate pension contribution rates, and a report be given to the membership at the 2010 Educational Seminar / Adopted

09-09 / That the WSCFF and it's affiliated locals stand in solidarity in opposition to WCFD#7's persistent pursuit of IAFF Local 106 bargaining unit work and that no IAFF affiliate shall provide or support WCFD#7 firefighters, students, and/or paramedics with field internship or training.  / Adopted

09-10 / That the WSCFF Legislative Team continue to seek passage of legislation to add MRSA to the list of occupational diseases  covered under RCW 51.32.185 / Adopted

09-11 / Withdrawn

09-12 / That WSCFF seek LEOFF Plan 2 inclusion of fire fighters employed by McNeil Island / Adopted

09-13 / That the 72nd annual convention of the WSCFF be held in Walla Walla Washington, and be hosted by Local 404 / Adopted

09-14 / That the keynote speeches from WSCFF events be made available on the WSCFF website for audio or video download. Adopted

09-15 / That the WSCFF pursue legislation to ensure that leave sharing still accrues Department of retirement System service credit and is, therefore, pensionable / Adopted

09-16 / That the WSCFF endores, "Safe Call Now" by including it's information and a link on the WSCFF website and the WSCFF Benevolent Fund consider making a meaningful donation to "Safe Call Now" / Adopted

09-17 / Resolved that the WSCFF affliate leadership discourage their members from using their skills and time working part-time, volunterring, or working for per diem for any agency outside of thier bargaining unit unless an agreement is reached between the bargaining unit and the outside agency; and be it further resolved that any agreement reached should include an end date or "sunset" clause that would inhibit the use of part-time, volunteer, or per diem workers from becoming the permanent replacement of fully paid, fully compensated firefighters or emergency services workers on that work site; and be in further resolved that members who act outside of these agreements be reminded of the consequences outlined in Article 15 of the IAFF Constitution and Bylaws which may result in the revocation of their membership in the IAFF. / Adopted

09-18 / That the legislative team seeks legislation or administrative rule changes that systematically removes county medical directors who refuse to recognize our members' collective bargaining rights. / Adopted

09-19 / Withdrawn

09-20 / That the WSCFF Eboard consider minimising the number and length of plenary sessions offered at the IAFF/WSCFF Educational Seminars; and be it further that more emphasis be placed on the breakout sessions to allow for more in-depth instruction and discussions. / Adopted

09-21 / That the WSCFF Eboard consider offering the following classes as part of the 2010 IAFF/WSCFF Joint Educational Seminar; Mergers, annexations and RFA's, Grassroots Political Action, Candidate Support, Educational Oppurtunites and Incentives in the Fire Service, Fire Fighter Pitfalls, Healthcare Options and Bargaining, Negotiating on behalf of members not covered by collective bargaining or binding arbitration. / Adopted

09-22 / That the WSCFF Legislative team will use all avenues, including the LEOFF2 Board , to work with the Healthcare Authority and Washington State Legislators to determine an accurate fiscal note and to make the Catastrophic Disability Bill a priority until it passes into law. / Adopted

09-23 / That the WSCFF Legislative Team look into modern technology that may exist and report back to the WSCFF body with any and all costs that may exist. / Adopted

09-24 / Withdrawn

09-25 / That the delegates seated at the 70th annual WSCFF convention in Wenatchee recognize Gregory J. Borg for his outstanding committment and dedication to the betterment of all members of the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters. / Adopted

09-26 / That the WSCFF Legislative Team evaluate and implement, if possible, modifications to the LEOFF Plan 2 funding methodology that will make a substantial benefit enhancement financially feasible, and be it further that the WSCFF provide an annual update of the progress toward this goal at the annual Educational Seminar. / Adopted



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